Obsah tém Angličtina

Angličtina 1


What is your address?

My interests are politics and nature.

I am looking for a job.


She is looking for her passport.

Do you like flying?

Where are you travelling?


I have a reservation for a single room.

Alain´s room is next to Jenny´s room.

The room is on the second floor.


They are looking for free chairs.

I would like a soup and a roast chicken with rice.

What would you like to drink?


I like shopping.

Try this hat. It goes with the swimsuit.

How much does it cost?

Voľný čas

Would you like to go swimming?

What are you going to do in the afternoon?

I was in the pub watching football with Sam.

What are you reading?

What are you going to do at home?


Is it you Sam?

I will tell her you are calling.

Say hello to everybody.


The suitcases are already packed.

I hope we will meet again.

She is bringing a lot of gifts.

She invited us to London.

Angličtina 2


Bernd was having his dinner when the telephone rang.

I have been thinking about you a while ago.

Ruth has packed his suitcase.

Cestovanie 2

He is standing in the queue, in front of the ticket office.

Have you made a booking by phone?

I have never been neither to Paris nor to London.


We will go to my place and I´ll introduce you to my people.

I´ve heard about you from Patrick.

How did you two meet?


I will show you the factory where cars are made.

How is your regular day, Alain?

Living in Paris is more expensive than living in Tirol.


You will share a twin-bedded room.

Who has arrived so far, Jessica?

London traffic is busier than Paris traffic.

We met at Victoria station and took a taxi.

We have not started our dinner so far.

What is there to do in London besides sightseeing?

Prehliadka mesta

As Jessica is a travel guide, she has already planned the tour.

If you are tired you can go by double-decker bus, train or by tube.

As some of these sights are very close we can walk there.

While they were sitting on the grass she completely forgot about her handbag.

We should phone her that we have found her handbag.

We were looking for a cash machine


She had terrible pain in her leg.

Does it hurt very much, Amy?

Ambulance came and she was taken to hospital.

She is paler than before.

I was at ray and the doctor said my leg need ed an operation.


It is time to say goodbye again.

We have had great time together.

I have been enjoying myself.

I must hurry up because I won´t catch my plane.


Angličtina 3


I was late for work because an accident was holding up traffic.

By the time I got to work, Tom had been waiting for me for more than one hour.

The line is busy, would you like to hold on or would you prefer to call later?

I´d like to confirm my participation at the conference in Bratislava.

Príprava konferencie

Richard got up early to be able to check the rooms before she comes.

The big conference hall is perfect for opening and closing plenaries.

It´s a rectangular shape and measures 10 x 15 metres.

Rodina a práca

Uncle Joseph has picked her up from the airport.

I think I will give up my job.

I´ve been complaining for months.

He went out with the tall and muscular neighbour.

He promised he would help us.

Rodinné stretnutie

Before you sit at the table wash and dry your hands.

Martin prefers roast chicken with filling and rice.

Yuck! How can you eat it?

Come off it! It´s not that easy to manage it all.

I will get to know a lot of interesting stuff.


Cestovanie a ubytovanie

A Boeing 747 landed at Bratislava airport a while ago.

The air hostess showed us where the life jackets were.

I don´t know where my luggage has gone.

The other guests have already been accomodated.

The porter will bring it to your room


Prenájom auta

What type of car should it be?

What is included in price?

Your car will be checked, cleaned and with full tank of petrol.

Should you experience any difficulty with the car a replacement vehicle, if necessary, will be delivererd to you as soon as possible.



He welcame the participants and thanked to the sponsors.

The afternoon program continues with workshops in smaller groups.



We live on the area approximately as big as Denmark.

In 1918 we united with Czechs.

Our country is rich in historical monuments and natural beauties.

If the girls had gone with us, they would have already been here for hours.

I´ve never seen anything like this before